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Dental Office of Dr Samuel Barr

Our dental office prides itself in being technologically advanced, so that we can provide high quality care.

Dr Samuel Barr
Dr Barr

We believe that our patients should be fully informed about their treatment options. Our patients have the right to make decisions about what kind of dental care and treatment they want.

Every year, Dr Barr attends many hours of continuing education, to provide state-of-the-art dental care.

Dr Barr has been placing and restoring Dental Implants for over 25 years.

Dr Barr has been using CEREC technology since 2000. CEREC allows  for the preparation and placement of crowns in only one visit.

Our x-rays are all digital, so the of  we can gather the information we need to treat you, with the best quality care. We also have  a Cone Beam Tomographic machine. This allows us to obtain a 3 dimensional image, to help us plan for complex treatments.

We have three types of dental lasers, for better diagnosis, and more efficient care.

Our general practice dental office is located in Oneida, New York.

If you’ve been happy with us, please post a note and let us know!

6 thoughts on “Dental Office of Dr Samuel Barr

    1. Fees vary based on difficulty, and the needs of the patient. Dental care is personalized. What is extremely important for one person may be totally unimportant to another. Our patients always know what something will cost before we begin.

    1. I’m assuming that the mini implants are being used to hold in a denture? In any event, I’d be more than happy to take a look and let you know what I think. Just give our office a call and let Pat know that you’d like a consult. No fee or obligation.

  1. I have dentures and have had them sent on multiple times and still need to use do much of the denture adhesive that it has made me I’ll at times. I still bleed and get sores terrible. I need to know price that is affordable for me. I hate my dentures the top and partial bottoms are horrible for me.

    1. It is impossible to says what the costs would be to give you better function, and better health, without doing a careful examination. We offer all new patient a complimentary exam and consult. just give us a call during office hours, and I’ll be glad to take a look and tell you what I think.

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