Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

What People Want to Know

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?


This is by far the most common question we are ever asked! There are variations…

  • “How much do a mouthful of implants cost?”.
  • “How much does each tooth cost?” (It is assumed that you need an implant for every tooth, which usually isn’t true)
  • “How much will it cost to have all my teeth out and implants put in?”
  • “Why do implants cost so much?”

Everyone has the right to know what the total treatment will cost and if insurance will cover any portion of the fee. In order to provide this information, the dentist has to know exactly what the treatment is.

Dental implant treatment can range from between $750. (replacing a failed mini) to $30,000 or more. So any “estimate” that you’re given, without first a proper exam and evaluation, is pretty meaningless.

Evan the cost of replacing a single tooth can vary, depending on clinical factors.

If you have no teeth, we do not know if there is sufficient remaining bone to support implants, or if grafting is needed. We also do not know if you are interested in treatment that results in teeth that stay in all the time, or if they come out at night. The answers to these questions affect how much treatment costs.

We offer new patients that are interested in implants an initial consultation at no charge. We can then tell you what treatment costs are, before treatment is begun.



How long does implant treatment take?


The biggest variable in how long implant treatment takes is the quality of the supporting bone. Implants are artificial substitutes for tooth roots, and just like teeth, they need to be surrounded by bone to hold them in. When implants are placed, we qualify the bone type based on its density: Type 1, 2, 3, or 4

Type 1 feels like Oak
Type 2 feels like Pine
Type 3 feels like Balsa
Type 4 feels like Styrofoam packing peanuts

As you can imagine, it takes longer for implant stability to occur when it is placed in bone that feels like Styrofoam than when it is placed in Pine. The length of treatment time also varies depending on exactly what the treatment is. From beginning to end, total treatment time can vary from between two months to over a year.



But I’ve heard about “Teeth in a Day


It is true that it is sometimes possible to place implants and have them restored with teeth in one visit. However, the “One Day” is misleading.  There are appointment needed both before and after the “teeth in one day”.

It is often not possible to place and restore implants one visit, because of many clinical factors.


Will it hurt?


We expect patients to be numb during the procedure, and to not experience any pain during implant placement.

In most cases, patients tell us that the amount of post operative discomfort after an implant placement is less than that of a tooth extraction. In almost all cases, discomfort is managed with over the counter medications.


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